Hey there, welcome to Beer Buds, this site is made in order for me to show of my beer glass collection.
I have started collecting glasses while I was on road trips and I basically brought back glasses as a souvenir.

After reaching a number of somewhere to 50 glasses I started buying some online and from flea markets, and as my collection grow I started getting more and more as presents from family and friends (thank you all!).

As I reached the number of 200 I decided I want to show it off to other collectors and here we are.

I will regularly update the site as I get new ones so remember to check back 🙂

Are you collector as well?

That’s awesome, I would love to see what you have and you can use this site to create your own online presentation.

All you need to do is click here and starting building your own site in this network and start uploading pictures.

Please note that this is completely free and I’m doing it as a hobby so there’e no guarantee of site stability or any type support although I will do my best to run things smoothly and help out with any questions.